Friday, May 30, 2008

Task #15: Master Bathroom

Here is the master bathroom. It gets a lot of use since it's the only upstairs bathroom.

You can see the cupboard doors need some refinishing, and the cabinet door is broken. Mostly I just put the top of the cabinet in order, straightened the shoes, scrubbed the toilet, and scrubbed the corners and baseboards of the walls.

This is the view of the bathroom from the bedroom -- I like the chair better there, with the scale underneath and a towel on top to hide the torn part:

Whew, I'm done with my household journey! Originally it was supposed to be divided into 18 tasks -- I consolidated the great room/dining room, and did the kitchen in one day, and consolidated the loft into two parts instead of three. So that brought me down to 15, which means that in future I can spend the last few days of the month working on either kids' rooms, or outside around the house.

For now, I'm going to rest! I will probably blog some retrospective thoughts about what I learned from this and where I'm going from here. This run through was probably the most difficult -- next run through, I'm going to try to discard more things, keeping in mind these quotes from High Desert Home:

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