Thursday, May 15, 2008

Task #4: Game Closet

One of the neat things about our capacious log home is that there are a lot of nooks and crannies to store things. It is in contrast to our last home which was barely over 1000 square feet for six people, so I had to make maximum use of every corner and wall. The downside of this abundance of space, of course, is that you have lots of room to store things and shut the door so you don't have to think of it anymore until the stuff is bursting out.

I decided to tackle the Game Closet today even though it will be a busy day, because I am on a cleaning roll : ). I was going to give myself two half-days to do it but it ended up being a superficial and short job. I have plenty more work to do in here organizing and sorting through boxes but it is not the disaster zone it was before and there is actually room to get in there, which there wasn't before. So my major goal was accomplished.



No, it still doesn't look that great, but it looks better than I could show in the picture because the foreground is all clear now, and there was actually room for the vacuum to get in and make a good sweep. To make the game stacks better I am really going to have to put some sort of shelving in place which I don't have right now. The other possibility is to store the games somewhere else... hmm, still thinking about that. I will put that on the table for the next Household Journey.

Another bag of trash disposed of. Plus, I moved out some clothes that actually belonged in the laundry room cupboards, and moved in some games that the closet didn't have room for previously. So there was some decided progress.

My goal is to not trash the rooms I am leaving behind -- in other words, not just move junk from place to place all month, but to actually sort as I go. Then next month I will make more decisions about the stuff that has inevitably congested the flow of the other rooms -- I don't imagine it will all get streamlined in a single month. It has taken much longer than that to build it up.

Next Week:

Downstairs Hall and Bookshelves

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