Friday, May 23, 2008

Task #9: The Curriculum Closet

Today was a "lateral pass" day. I guess I can do those once in a while. I didn't finish working on the kitchen. Instead I tackled the curriculum closet. I think I can add two more bags to my total for the Trash Bag Challenge! They are not literally bags, but boxes of curriculum that I probably, really almost certainly, will send out the door. So that is 10 trash bags now, I think, if I really do manage to get them out of the house. Getting rid of curriculum is very difficult for me. The only things more difficult are getting rid of books and getting rid of mementos which are associated with poignant moments in our lives. Those have added up through the years! One possible midway solution is to take photos of the best of the old cute drawings, knickknacks etc -- I am afraid that is slightly spirit vs body Manichean -- however, I do really want a cleared house, so that might be the best solution.

I worked for about two hours. I put all the workbooks and "consumable" type resources into four plastic crates divided by grade levels:

  • Primary (k-2)
  • Grades 3-4
  • Grades 5-6
  • Middle school

After that age level we don't use very many consumables, just real books and a few texts; I put the high school books on shelves, and also the teacher's manuals and resources. That way these are easier to see. I also didn't crate the children's literature that makes up the bulk of our homeschooling. Those, too, I like where I can see them and where there is potential of the kids picking it out.

I will take pictures when it is fit to see. It's still a mess in there, just a slightly more organized mess.

Susan L is decluttering her house too, and here is a post Busy at Home that has quotes, links, and descriptions of her efforts. It is inspiring for me to read of others' efforts.

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