Monday, May 12, 2008

There will be very few Dates in this History

A few quick notes since I am trying to stay off the computer today in order to get something done around the house!

We brought Liam home on Saturday. Hooray! We saw the last part of the commencement ceremony, met up with some online friends who were there to see the graduation of their nephew, and got home very late. It was beautiful down there in the South of California.

Sunday, Clare and Liam and I went to a High Mass in the Tridentine rite. Liam has been trying to explain Kant and Aristotle to me. He doesn’t seem to mind.

Today I worked on Aidan’s PLAAFP in preparation for the IEP meeting tomorrow. I also talked to the speech therapist by phone and Aidan’s OT came and we did a cranio-sacral session.

Kieron had his light school day today. Sean did chapter 4 review from Algebra and stumbled a bit on converting fractions to decimals. He has trouble with decimal placement. So maybe we’ll have to review that a bit this summer.

It’s nice to have our whole family together at least for the next 3 weeks.

Because of the astoundingly high price of gasoline I am trying hard to strategize the children’s’ appointments in town so that we are not driving down 3 plus times per week.

I am looking forward to having this IEP over with. Wish me luck!

Paddy talked me into making donuts today and fortunately it is a very cool day. The fire is going in the wood stove and some donut-frying seems like just the thing.

I found this site with Jane Austen’s juvenilia on it.
From the title page of a history parody written when she was about 16:

The History of England from the reign of Henry the 4th to the death of Charles the 1st

By a partial, prejudiced, & ignorant Historian.
To Miss Austen, eldest daughter of the Revd. George Austen, this Work is inscribed with all due respect by

The Author

N.B. There will be very few Dates in this History.

I’m wondering if Kieron will like reading it after we get through with that period in history (we are just coming up to it now :)).