Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a few thoughts and forms

I'm not sure what I think of my new header and format. Hmm. I know I spent way too much time on it, though. I was trying to transition out of my planning marathon -- or at least, into the next stage.

I finally finished the basics of the Year 7 planning -- you can see the details over at Schola et Studium, but here are the forms:

It looks a bit cluttered, and I will probably go back over it on August as I wrote on this Real Learning thread. but it's nice to have it basically there. Here's what's left to be done. I am sure there is a Multum non Multa golden thread running through it *somewhere* -- mostly, Language and Reading and Writing and Math and Habits. If I have those, the rest usually take care of themselves.

Year 1 for Aidan and Paddy will not be written up in nearly so much detail. I want to focus on habits. .... not just micro-habits like raising the toilet seat, but formative habits that I have to work on too, like a habit of reading aloud, a habit of time outdoors, a habit of observation -- and so on. Charlotte Mason describes many of them. This year I wanted to work some more on my Charlotte Mason goal, and work some more on these Monthly Themes, particularly the Character Formation one. You notice I got away from them for a while. Which is something I do, but the blog helps me remember and get back on track.....eventually.

I think I would be a better unschooler if I could just do things without planning, but in fact I have to think several thoughts for every one thing I actually put into action, so I thought I might as well try to do some of the thinking up front.

Off to make cookies, and try to focus on something else. I got Asimov's Realms of Algebra from the library, and Critique of Criminal Reason finally came. Realms of Algebra is a keeper. I would TOTALLY read this to Kieron over the course of next year -- it bridges between arithmetic and algebra so beautifully -- except that it is OOP and apparently you can't get it for less than $35 even second-hand.

Today is Liam's 22nd birthday -- I was 22 when I married (OK, almost 23). Time does fly! We will miss him today. He is up at Oregon but will probably get a Guinness with some people up there to celebrate. When he gets home we will have a combined birthday and welcome-back party.

Blessings on you this next year, oldest son!

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