Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Haven, with Cats

Aidan celebrated his ninth birthday last week, and the other day he got a cyber-present from his friends in Northern California. Our friendship is a very precious one and particularly rare in that we "met" online -- and later ALMOST met in person when our respective children stayed in the same (distant) hospital at almost the same time -- this almost-meeting was nine years ago this month, when Aidan was born and had to be ambulanced to San Francisco with liver failure, plus pneumonia due to fluid overload.

Later on we met in person, and have met several times since, and become dear friends -- and so have our kids -- one of those answer-to-prayers friendships!

Anyway, Aidan had seen a picture Chari had posted of the Heart's Haven dogs. So he had asked to see CAT pictures since the Heart's Haven cats are endlessly fascinating to him. In answer to his request came this post:

For My Friend Aidan

What an abundance of cats! And they all have literary names too. It is like an inter-generational saga of kitties.

So, while we're talking about cats and Aidan:

Here is Aidan at Hearts' Haven with one of the HH family's cats -- I do not remember which cat this was -- was it Tom (Sawyer)?

And here is another Hearts' Haven cat with her "toddlers" -- I think they are Huckleberry and Tom --the mother is my all time favorite cat, Dora Clare -- if a kitty ever practiced attachment mothering, she was that cat:

Here is our old Suburban that Aidan loaded every day for almost a month when he was six, hoping that somehow he would set the conditions for us to drive up north to see our friends again -- yep, this is ALL his doing, he loaded every single thing that is in there, he did it every day, and I unloaded it all again every night:

And here is Aidan a couple of years ago with our family's ONE cat, who has since left us -- he disappeared sometime during our chickenpox ordeal last summer, when Aidan ended up in the hospital for a short stay. He was named Klaus, but Aidan called him "The Bobice" for some reason known only to him:

So, anyway,


(Aidan and all of us hope we will get a chance to visit again before TOO long, we miss you!)

Aidan wants me to post this NOW so he can ponder the kitty pictures some more!

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