Saturday, June 28, 2008

Inspiration, Intentionality, Recollectedness

Some interesting recent Real Learning threads

They reminded me of these posts I've been wanting to link to for a long time, by Susan at High Desert Home. She is not finished with the series yet, but this seems like a good time of year to reflect on what makes a rich learning environment.

Ten Attributes of an Inspiring Home for Learning

#1-- One of the most powerful and natural ways a child learns is through the ordinary daily conversations that occur in the home.

#2-- Play might be just about the most important thing a child can do!

#3-- Enjoyment of the natural world is very important for the healthy development of children.

#4-- Build a book-rich home. Read lots of good, living books aloud together.

#5-- Routines help to develop habits and make life lovely.

#6-- Time and freedom for creativity brings delight and richness to our days and develops a lovely education.

#7. A Loving, Attentive, Encouraging Parent is Essential to a Healthy Learning Environment

This one, by Stephanie at A Recollected Life, I have linked to before, but it seems to fit in here too:

Why it Worked, and What it Couldn't Do

Also, some definitions:


Here is my Setting Their Feet in a Spacious Place list -- I wrote it while thinking about my preschoolers, but really, almost everything we do builds from these few in some respect.

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