Sunday, June 08, 2008

Last Week in Review

We reached 180 days on my academic ticker.

That meets our California homeschooling requirements, so I’m calling it a wrap. We spent the last month or so basically coasting, but that was partly because we had met most of our goals by that time. Very unusual for us. This orderly flexibility seems to suit us.

It was a good year, all things considered. I am planning a similar type of approach for next year. I have a few issues that I want to try to deal with, things that didn’t work as well as they might. I will probably be listing those and dealing with them on Schola et Studium.

Sean went to the state university’s football camp yesterday — did well, but did not do the last session this morning because he had wakened up his elbow injury and it was hurting. So his next football occasion is when he starts practice with the high school team next week.

Aidan celebrated his ninth birthday last week. It was a wonderful birthday. We did something a bit different and mostly just got simple dollar store type toys. I don’t feel guilty when they get scattered and lost, and he has fun while they last. We already have so many toys in the house that it’s been hard shopping for the little ones. They don’t seem to mind having quite simple birthday and Christmas assortments. We never watch TV and hardly ever go to stores where there are toys so they don’t see things they might covet. Maybe that is a good thing.

What he wants to spend his birthday money on is a cooler. One of the new ones with a handle so you can wheel it around. This is a combination of two of his favorite engineering devices — wheels with a handle, and boxes that open and close and can contain things. If it spun, too, like a top, it would be perfect. Oh, that’s right, and it could use a world flag border. Oh my, look at this one — it has an audio system. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it!