Thursday, June 19, 2008

Planning and Life Update

Yes, I finally got around to it. And being the obsessive person that I am, I have been spending hours and hours getting everything just right. Now to see — will I be so sick of the books by the time August comes that I will throw the whole thing out and start from scratch? That’s what I’ve been asking myself. I’m going to give it a rest now, and pick it up in about six weeks.

Recently I’ve only been about one-third an unschooler — but I hope to restore the balance soon.

A few other quick updates:

Sean started football practice with the high school team. So far, so good.
Liam is still up in Oregon interning.
Clare is writing out college applications and essays.
Brendan is turning twenty! and making a list of life goals.

Sean also got invited to the Ultimate 100 West football camp. He is one of only 5 8th grade quarterbacks nationwide to get the invite, or so I hear.

I guess that’s all for now — back to planning.