Sunday, June 01, 2008

venting just a bit!

Neat post “two thirds unschooling” from Faith at Dumb Ox Academy. I’m not venting about that. It’s perfect.

Now for the venting. I am so bad at planning! Once I get into gear I do all right. My problem is that I can’t seem to settle down to plan until I’m almost up to the wire.

It should be easy this year. I only have a seventh grader and two first graders. A couple of years ago I had two highschoolers, a middle schooler, and 2 grade schoolers. And I’ve done this all before.

I can figure out the big picture and the curriculum choices just fine — but from there to the details — that is the difficult part. I am not talking about just writing down page numbers, either. I could do that in my sleep. It’s just that I’d like to make a real plan — supplements, enrichments, variations — something that would actually be a resource, not just a checklist straightjacket. I should be able to coast on this, but instead I hover like a dragonfly over the surface of a pond.

Frustrated perfectionism, anyone? (I just finished reading When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough)