Friday, July 04, 2008

Health and House --Update

A short update:

I have been busy with several other things so it's been a while since I posted a systems update.


The Household Journey thing I did was one of the best housekeeping efforts I have ever accomplished. I am still seeing the benefits even now when housekeeping has been mostly in maintenance mode. I know where things are; it takes less time to clean; I feel more in touch with the house. My plan is to do a more conscientious Tour like that about 2-3 times a year, and in between do what I am doing now -- go through in the same pattern, but more quickly. For example, yesterday I went through the bathrooms, but it only took about 20 minutes instead of almost an hour.

What I really have to do (and I'm procrastinating) are some big household repair/redo type projects. I hate buying things (except books). I hate household projects like painting. Strictly speaking, I've never DONE household projects like painting because I've always had my hands full with babies and I simply can't multi-task like some people can. So I have a lot of oppositional tension built up about the THOUGHT of doing mental-intense household repairs and renovations that involve shopping for things that cost $$$ (and can't be read or worn or eaten or played with). It will probably be fun and confidence-building when I start. But I haven't really started, because I'm procrastinating ;-).


I continue to lose about 2 pounds a month. Sure, that is slow progress but basically, in 3 months I've lost almost 12 pounds, which is real progress. I haven't had to pay so much conscious attention to it this time, so it's worth the slower downward curve. I have a basic eating pattern now which I'll try to describe but probably everyone has to find what works for them:

  • A solid breakfast with a lot of protein -- sometimes I can get by on milk and cereal, or a whole wheat pancake, but the gold standard is eggs and cheese, and if I am feeling shaky in my blood sugar it's risky for me to have too much carbs in the breakfast -- even whole grain.
  • A solid lunch -- some high quality carbs here are OK -- fruit, bread.
  • A snack in the later afternoon..... fruit or vegetables and cheese, something like that.
  • A smallish dinner -- about the size of lunch, usually protein and vegetables.
I sometimes have "off" days where I eat a chocolate chip cookie for a snack instead of something stabilizing, and it doesn't seem to hurt once in a while. I've learned to try to balance out -- if I eat some jellybeans, I make sure the next meal is protein-dense.

Exercise helps with the blood sugar swings but I haven't been consistent with the exercise because of the heat and because I've been busy with other things. I can really feel the difference.

So that's where I am now!

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