Tuesday, August 19, 2008


m157124749.jpg My favorite elusive blogger and thinker Steph nominated me for a Brillante award. (I loved Rosie’s “hide and seek” description : ). Steph is one of the most thoughtful writers and faithful commenters that I know. I am so surprised and honored that she likes my writing so much. Whenever I get an award it’s usually because she or Faith has nominated me.

Most of the people I would nominate probably have been nominated already and I hate trying to pick seven names, so I will escape by saying that if I’ve commented on your blog, it’s because I think you are an awesome blogger. Then I will mention my friend Chari at Heart’s Haven because she is a truly brilliant, wise, funny and competent person who is a dear IRL friend and she is trying to write more frequently in her blog and I am trying to encourage her, because I love reading her posts. So she is my choice for the Brillante award.

Also I nominate Faith. She thinks like I do, and has a lot of the same tastes and methods in homeschooling, but is an extrovert and her kids have a lot more activities than mine do. I love reading about her rich learning life and her lively, loving family.

Oh, and another! Amy at Epiphany Springs is a poet (you can tell by her haikus and her header and title. She is another elusive blogger who you don’t mind following from link to link. She founded a daily CM blog which has been going on for 2 years or more (follow-through is a sign of brilliance IMO) and she writes with sometimes painful honesty about all the “minor” trials which aren’t really so minor when they are ever-present parts of life — like food allergies, for instance. She is writing a series on My Personal Rule of Six which is very good.

Finally, my daughter at A World Incalculable, Katie at CM, Children and Lots of Gracee, and Love2Learn Mom at Studeo (one of my first regular blog reads ever). This took a long time, and I only mentioned six. But I had better sign off and start our day!