Thursday, August 21, 2008

Expotition to the South and West

I told Kieron about the 100 Species Challenge and he liked the idea of it. I have been wanting to take the children on more regular nature walks so I thought this might be a good focus. Paddy was excited about “hunting for animals” so yesterday was our first venture. I hesitate to put the banner on the blog because I hate to commit to things until I have a sense whether I will actually follow through ;-).

I took lots of pictures yesterday, but they turned out over-exposed. But I liked this early sign of autumn:


and Paddy the Hero heading down through our meadow towards the bus stop. We are fortunate because even though we only have 2 acres, we are bounded by the community trail, so there is something like a long narrow preserve below our house which will not be developed by builders.


Nice how little boys make everything an adventure. I was pondering regretfully as we walked how one of those cheerful, energetic mothers could further the childrens’ sense of enjoyment in the “expotition” and help make a wonderful memory, and how I’m not like that. Yep, I do sound like Eeyore ;-). I think I am probably more of a cross between Pooh and Owl — scary thought. However, then I got rid of the Eeyore voice by reflecting upon how as a mother I can learn from my kids too, and I’m pretty Pooh-like in being able to respond to the call of adventure, even if I’m not usually the initiator.

Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!
Sing Ho! for the life of a Bear!