Sunday, August 03, 2008

High Sierras

A few more pictures of the high country, from a couple of hikes that my husband took with Brendan (to the Kaiser peak):

and to Tom Mt, with Brendan and Clare (Clare took the picture of Brendan and Kevin)


Anonymous said...

How gloriously beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with well-loved friends (from your other blog). I'm glad. :-)

Us! said...

How beautiful! Makes me long for our old mountain home. Glad you have had a good break and good to see you back!


Susan L said...

Oh, this is exactly what I love to do more than anything else-- hike out in beautiful places. And the Sierras are extra beautiful. We camped and hiked for eight days in Yosemite almost two years ago. I particularly liked the Tuolumne Meadows part-- remote, gorgeous, and very few visitors. The hikes up there were stunning, too.

Anyway, I have to run off to help my daughter in town for the day, but I wanted to say that I've been reading your posts both here and at your other blog, and I always, always enjoy everything you post.

I hope your summer has been lovely. It seems like it has.


Laura A said...

This looks so fun! I haven't been to the Sierras, but I've been to the Cascades (with Susan, and there she is!). I miss that clear sky already! You live in a really beautiful region.