Sunday, August 17, 2008

Paints and Playmates


These are Paddy’s old friends. Most of them used to belong to Sean, who at age 5 carried them everywhere for months, but they have had the happy destiny of becoming loved anew after a period of exile in the toy-box. I think when Paddy has gone on to new things, I will have to save them for grandchildren; they are almost part of the family now.

He plays with them constantly; imaginary games usually involving all kinds of wrestling and adventures. Today he couldn’t find them and we had to ransack the house to recover them. But usually, they are right there wherever he last played.


Since art projects are rather unusual in our house, I have to immortalize them when they happen. This is the second time in two days that they’ve gotten out the paints.

Paddy and I also went further on the story of the Spider and the Hero. That poor spider has become such a tame creature that it will even play hide and seek with the Hero, and even let him WIN!

More and more, I think Paddy can already read but simply finds it more convenient not to, which is fine because I don’t really think he’s completely ready to focus on small print for as long as he can focus on listening.