Saturday, August 09, 2008

Sierra Highlights

I like my friend Chari’s way of journaling with her Haven Heartbeats and Daybook, so I thought I’d try something of the kind just to record those little things that otherwise seem to slip by.

Where Everyone Is:

Aidan is next to me typing on my Palm Treo; Clare is listening to the soundtrack of My Fair Lady; Brendan is typing in his room; Sean and Kevin are at the high school (Sean is getting his equipment and a practice session, Kevin is going to a Parent’s Meeting); Kieron and Paddy are reading Sonic cartoons online. I’m not sure where Liam is at the moment, but somewhere in the house.

Recent Music:

My Fair Lady, The Scarlet Pimpernel

Recent Books Seen Around the House:

Rick Brant Science Adventures (Kieron); The Last Crusade (Brendan); A Canticle for Leibowitz, 100 Great Short Stories (Liam); Tintin (Paddy); Ten Apples up on Top (Aidan); Don Quixote (Clare); Chance or Purpose *by Christoph Cardinal Schonborn, The Developing Mind by Daniel Siegel (me).


Sunny and bright and breezy, not hot


Transitions — Sean and Liam going to school, start of new academic year, fall coming

What I’m Working On:

Organizing homeschool papers, tidying house and putting things in proper places

What I am Happy About:

I am eating well without having to keep food journals, and am finally at a good weight for me.

What I’m Not So Happy About:

How hard it is to make friends and engage in community activities up here.

Spiritual Focus:

Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (progressing through Retreat with the Lord by Fr John Hardon)
Trying to figure out what God wants for me in this next stage of life.

Recent Kitchen Events:

Clare is making Toll House Cookies; Liam made a sort of ground beef and potato hash with garlic and cabbage (very good!); I made a successful bread with oat flour and whole wheat.

Formal Academics:

Aidan and Paddy slowly going through Word Mastery (phonics manual).

Informal Learning:

Nothing that leaps to mind — we’ve just been playing : ).


Reading Pygmalion together — me, Liam and Clare


Frequency, Artificial Intelligence


Old jeans and a thermal long-sleeved shirt (grey).


Order in this corner of the house.
An updated notebook system.

Grateful for:

Friends and family (for sure!) and new adventures (trying to stay positive!)

Some things I want to do this week:

Take the little guys outside, call a friend.