Friday, August 01, 2008

Tuesday Tackle --Crisis Clean

Tuesday is about tackling the biggest project that needs to be done.

The whole house is a project right now with four of the kids having been sick and one in the hospital for a few days. Flylady has a routine for times like this: Crisis Cleaning. Basically, the idea is to start in the kitchen and work outward from there, taking frequent breaks.

Since nurturing the recovering children is also a high priority, I'm going to go with the flow in that area.... that is, do the kind of cleaning that can be interrupted at a moment's notice, and include children-time in the break times.

I will probably continue this through the week until the laundry is caught up, everything is back in its proper place, and so on. Part of this is simply getting back in touch with my house again. My palm pilot has to synchronize occasionally with my computer. In the same way, I seem to have to consciously re-synch with my house after I've been detached from it for a while.

Same with my family, though not in quite the same way, and that comes first, of course. So there's the plan!

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