Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Find --Sparrow Tree Square

I accidentally came across this Sparrow Tree Square -- an online literary magazine. It has pretty vintage illustrations and a nice format. It is composed of selections from public domain literature, organized around a monthly theme, and includes some well known classic selections and some that are less familiar to the general reader. The issues are in PDF format. Really cool!

In the words of the author/ editor, an 18 year old girl:

Each month's issue is centered around a topic or theme, and features a variety of literature that includes poems, traditional songs, stories, and folktales. Every issue includes an introduction and book review, and issues from April 2007 onward include two more regular features: a Historical Connection, and an Activity to Explore the Theme. These features are designed to encourage further exploration of the topics introduced in the magazine.
About the title of the magazine:

SPARROW TREE SQUARE is the name of a short story written by A. A. Milne for the collection, A Gallery of Children. ..... The picture that inspired the story "Sparrow Tree Square" illustrates a bustling park, filled with adults and children walking, talking, and feeding the sparrows beneath the branches of a large tree. I like to think of my online literary magazine, Sparrow Tree Square, as a place like that show in le Mair's picture -- full of activity and life.

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