Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sierra Highlights #4

My occasional Daybook.
Adventures in Recent Past and Future:
We got the new van — umm, 98 Nissan Quest with 111 thousand miles on it. Then it went into the shop (under warranty) for a speedometer problem. Anyway, we’re officially a two car family with one car in the shop! Luxury!
Where Everyone Is:
Aidan fell asleep when I did, this afternoon, and is still asleep. I found handwriting sheets and phonogram cards scattered around me so apparently he was trying to teach himself literacy while I was off the job. Paddy and Kieron are playing some elaborate game involving lots of digging through toy chests. I declared a computer moratorium because everyone had too much screen time while Sean was home for Labor Day Weekend. Clare is apparently studying in her room, or something — I can hear music drifting from there.
Liam called today — he had a cancelled class, so some extra time, and was hiking up the side of the little bowl of hills his campus is on.

Recent Music:

Les Miserables.

Recent Books Seen Around the House:

Winter’s Magic (Kieron); War and Peace (Clare); Plato’s Meno, Cradles of Eminence (me), I Will Love you Forever (Aidan); Billy and Blaze, Three Fox Fables (Paddy).
Cooled down dramatically… from 107 to the 80’s down in town, so here we need a bit of a fire in the mornings.
What is virtue? (see reading above). How do you manage it?
What I’m Working On:
The yard — Kevin is chainsawing and the boys are dragging trees, and I’m trying to rake and pile.
Studying Plato — doing an online study group with some classical friends, which is looking like so much fun. I feel like a grown-up, being in a book study group with a chat room interaction format.
What I am Happy About:
The cooler air.
Aidan is reading just a trifle better. Just a trifle. Also, his recent labs were great. I never get tired of that.
That the screens are off, except mine (blushing).
What I’m Not So Happy About:
In general, battling the blues. Missing Liam and Sean. Feeling like a not-good-enough mom.
Spiritual Focus:
Sacramentality of everyday life.
Recent Kitchen Events:
Enchiladas with shredded beef from the crockpot, and red beans and cheddar.
Homemade donuts with sugar, yesterday — unhealthy but very nice with a woodstove fire and cool autumn air.
Formal Academics:
On Day 8…. and week 3… so a slow start. I think Kieron’s entering the dreaded twelves at last. He’s decidedly more sluggish academically than he was a year ago.
Informal Learning:
Aidan’s been on a roll — with role playing, and trying to write, and constructing words with the letter box, and baking a simile of everything I make, with Playdough.
Kevin is taking Brendan and Clare to a Paddy Keenan concert in town –the “Jimi Hendrix of the Aeolian pipes”.
I played the piano, um, keyboard the other day!
?? can’t remember what’s been on, besides preseason college football. I think they’ve been watching more Perry Mason episodes.

Jeans and a dark blue knit shirt. I should give up this category, since it basically never changes, except for the color of the shirt.
I seem to be weak on this point. My favorite thing to create right now is forms — it’s like an addiction. Not very enduring though.
Grateful for:
The Psalms. No matter how horrible I feel, King David has been there and told about it already.
(I don’t have a direct reason to feel bad, but that’s probably the worst kind; I always feel there is something I SHOULD feel bad about, and then I can think of all kinds of things).
Some things I want to do this week:
Keep up my household rotation (so far so good); finish something I am writing.
A Picture Thought:
(I went into the archives — this is Paddy, two years ago tomorrow — he is wearing an old life jacket which he apparently thinks is a mail-coat, and trying to sheath his sword). He was three.

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