Sunday, November 16, 2008

not quite ready for winter

These pictures turned out a strange color; I'm not sure what I did to my camera settings to make these pictures so khaki-colored. But I wanted to memorialize today -- the day Kevin and Brendan stained the front of the house!
We are having unseasonable warmth, and Brendan had taped the windows, so they were ready to go. Maybe the odd colors work, sort of. Or maybe not.

Aidan and Paddy had a great time outside, blowing bubbles and painting a stump with acrylic paints (they had intended to help Dad paint the house, using bright blues and pinks and greens, but were redirected in time). But Paddy did paint Aidan's face, as you can see.

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Laura A said...

Interesting photo color effect--certainly brings out the red paint! Maybe it's a white balance setting issue.

I like your house-it's rustic, has nice lines, and looks solid. Was that also your house in your old blog heading photo?