Sunday, November 02, 2008

Serial Cliffhanger Blogging

I did a lot of moving of posts this weekend. If they showed up on your reader, I apologize. Know that I am pretty much done! My reader only showed the ones from October, so it must have some way of checking the date. (Oh, the September ones showed up too, so I guess it includes timestamps from a couple of months back)

If you move a whole bunch of posts in a short period of time, the blog makes you enter verification codes in order to publish your post. It turns the verification request off after 24 hours, so tomorrow I ought to be all right.

If I ever want to make a great retro science fiction story or serial cliffhanger movie series, I have a name bank now from all those verifications:

  • Draterse -- a sneaky villain that acts nice to your face
  • Karsta -- his burly scowling friend that doesn't seem too smart
  • Mersom -- the hero's smart alecky cousin or buddy
  • Phiper -- the comic relief dweeb
  • Lisen -- the love interest
  • Ozyger -- the king
  • Herestia -- the queen

Vorga, Trosta -- I think they are other members of Draterse's gang.
Lisen could be the king's daughter or niece.

I don't have a protagonist yet. The code for this post is Squar but that won't do it unless he is a sort of klutzy protaganist like Wart in The Once and Future King. Oh, actually, I like that....

I guess you can tell it got a bit boring copying in all those posts. But it was also one of those retrospective lulls that are nice to engage in once in a while. It was like an extended trip down memory road -- covering varicella and hospitalizations, the first arrival of the school bus, long summer days, playdough immersions and G-tube issues.

On another note, I felt uncomfortable and happy in turns about combining the two blogs into one. I'm happy because it feels more integrated having all that in one place -- the posts were overlapping quite a bit and sometimes it got a bit ridiculous, like having 2 personalities. On the other hand, the tone was different, and that seems strange, like jamming two different novels into one. All in all, I'm glad I made the change though. It will be easier to have just one blog (besides the learning notes one -- I can't quite see how I could combine that one with this one)

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Amy said...

I love the character names! That is too funny. You are always so clever, Willa! I like your mind. :)

I know what you mean about combining two blogs. I feel the same way about my adoption blog, although I don't think I ever could combine the two because I don't know if my mother reads my blog, and I need the place to say things she wouldn't like. :-P