Tuesday, November 04, 2008


(Clare took the picture)

Amy at Epiphany Springs made her own Only for Today Rule of Six based on Pope John XXIII's Daily Decalogue. I liked the idea and today, rinsing dishes, it occurred to me that I could use it right now.

Ever since we've come back from Oregon about a month ago, I've been getting one virus after another, and now that I'm starting to feel a bit better I think I could use a few small "dailies" to keep in mind as I maneuver through the day.

So here's mine, based on what seems to slip the most:

Only for Today:
  • I will clean up as I go and be patient and thoughtful about it
  • I will pay attention to a child before he or she needs to seek out attention.
  • I will go outside, even if only to take a deep breath!
  • I will try to keep a pleasant expression on my face.
  • I will seek to communicate with someone I don't know very well.
  • I will catch up on one thing that has been sliding off my to-do list.


Amy said...

That's a great list. I think it's what my *next* six would look like - my first six are like my "crisis mode" six. ;-)

Praying they go well for you!

Anonymous said...

Claire's photo is gorgeous. I love the idea of a "just for today" rule of six. I think that's something I should try.

Kerry said...

Can I borrow your six? I need them, bad!