Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Days Till Christmas

Here in the Sierras, we managed to dig our way out of our ice-covered driveway with the help of the three big boys in the family, and drive down to town, getting through all our remaining errand checklist for before Christmas, including:

  • Aidan's bi-monthly blood draw,
  • Clare's monthly orthodontist appointment,
  • pharmacy pick-up of Aidan's anti-seizure med, and
  • the last bits and pieces of shopping.

We got back up to our log home yesterday evening and this morning the streets were newly covered in snow, which we can enjoy peacefully without having to drive in it. Oh, the rewards of getting things done : ). I won't think about the wrapping I still have to do.

The boys, the ones that aren't down with the virus, playing pick-up nerf football in our loft.

More photos of the boys outside in the new snow, taken by Clare.

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