Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sierra Highlights #9

My occasional daybook.

Notable Events:
Sean gets Monday off school and has his birthday coming up this week.

Brendan tells me the barometer spout is full, so maybe we shall have snow. Still a lot of snow on the ground out there, though it has turned icy and unwelcoming.

Literacy: Aidan has been poring through 100 Easy Lessons, buttonholing everyone who comes near him. "S-I-T -- what does that say?" Also picking out words he knows in the hymnal at mass. He gets so thrilled when he recognizes one, like just now, on a racing game, "That says GO!" (possible disadvantage to unschooling -- you sit with a kid for over an hour browsing through 100 Easy Lessons because HE wants to, though you'd probably rather get back to your tea and book or at least make the session more like a Proper Lesson with yourself asking the questions).

Religion: Paddy at mass, whispering loudly and earnestly after the Old Testament reading: "Mom, it said that Samuel heard the Lord calling him but he didn't know who it was calling!" I'm not sure what impressed him, but obviously something did.

Personal Health: (January Challenge) Not doing too well on "portion control" as they call it. Otherwise OK. ... on drinking tea in the evening for extra fluid, taking vitamins and fish oil, and more "incidental" exercise.

House Blessings: Trying to tidy up as I go and keep baby wipes handy so I can do a quick restoration when I see dust or grime. We get a lot of dust in this house because of the mountain landscape and the wood stove. I see one of my earlier Sierra Highlights mentioned trying to find joy in cleaning and it is happening.... a bit... not as joyful as a Mint Grasshopper cookie though.

Music: Clare and I have played together a couple of times, anything from Neil Young and Bob Dylan to Turkey in the Straw to Ashokan Farewell.

Movies: Almost finished with Bleak House, and the older kids and Kevin have been watching more Perry Masons.

Favorite Recent Toys: Tops (Aidan), Beanie Babies (Paddy), Bionicles (Kieron).

Conversations: Whether and on what grounds rock music is to be condemned (Clare, Brendan and me having fun with Ignatian-style scholastic debate); various arcana about Spiderman (Kieron); various scattered details about school life (Sean).

Sports: Sean's kick returns for 2008. Kevin made the film to put up on one of those scouting sites. Sean got 3 touchdowns out of 6 returns that season. Exciting for the crowd when he got his hands on the ball after the kickoff; he really is a fast kid for a freshman. He didn't get it from me, so I can say that even though I'm his mom.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was so thrilling watching Sean run! I was tearing up with pride!!! Run, baby, run!!! None of my kids of are particularly athletic that way, so I got to have a vicarious thrill there, I guess!



lissla lissar said...

Any conclusions about rock music?

Willa said...

LOL Faith, thanks!

Lissla, we concluded among other things that since any given toddler will start "dancing" when he hears music with a beat, the "beat" can't be ALL bad ; ).