Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spring List

My friend Chari wrote out her spring semester list of things to do and I thought I would do the same, though my list won't be nearly as long. Still, if I write it all down maybe the subconscious mind will start working away as it sometimes does; and if I write it on the blog, I can't misplace the list : ).

  • Garden -- get Kevin to build greenhouse? look at nursery and hardware store for supplies.
  • ACT test prep for Brendan.
  • College apps for Brendan.
  • Financial aid and other college readiness things for daughter.
  • Get First Communion process started for Aidan and Paddy (it is a 2 year program and I want to do it at home at least for Aidan).
  • Liam's graduation in May -- plan.
  • Plan trip to Alaska with Clare in May.
  • Physical conditioning plans for Kieron -- weights, karate? working out in preparation for Pop Warner football in the summer.
  • Dentist visits for all the kids; oral surgery for Clare.
  • Prep and paint 2 downstairs rooms this summer -- probably the bathroom and the mud room.
  • Sign Paddy up for T-ball in March.
  • Keep learning Flash Action Script.
  • Plan second half of the homeschool year for the 3 kids.
  • Update Aidan's therapy goals.
  • Learner's permits for the kids that need them, and driving practice.

I am sure there are more, but those are the things I probably will keep forgetting about if I don't write them down.


Chari said...


That was not my SPRING SEMESTER list......that was my WEEKLY or JANUARY to-do list! :)

If I add my SPRING to-do list, I may go insane contemplating it. NOT going there!!! :)

I actually had trouble sleeping last night dreaming about all of the things I LEFT OFF of the list.


EXERICISE was one of them!

Please pray for my cousin in the ICU.

I miss you so terribly. I want to chat.......but, I have no time, yet. Maybe in a week. Please pray for me!

Willa said...

I'm praying! both for your cousin and for your peace of mind.

I have held off calling -- getting the Haven family's news at secondhand from the children : ).

Chari said...

I got to go pack...we are going to see John & Gloria tomorrow.the interview is on!!!!

Was "packing" on my list????