Friday, February 06, 2009

if you are a parent....

Stephanie of Recollected Life, who often comments on this blog, has started a Yahoo group called Recollected Parent which I am co-moderating with her. You're welcome to join in the discussion, whether a relatively new parent or an experienced parent who would like to reflect, recollect, and share wisdom.

I can't do better than copy over Stephanie's description on her blog:

If you are a parent,

If you actually like your kids (most of the time, anyway), and are glad God gave you a life that includes your offspring,

If you enjoy the work of such educators as John Bosco, Maria Montessori, and Charlotte Mason, and find it fascinating and startling to participate in the growth and development of the younger human,

If you educate your kids at home (whether or not they attend school elsewhere as well),

If your family loves great books and living ideas,

If you would like to discuss conscious, intentional, recollected parenting,

You can subscribe by email or follow the link to the group home.

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