Saturday, February 28, 2009

new wood

The firewood guys could only bring one cord yesterday, so Aidan gets to have double the fun, expecting a second cord today.

On the credit side, the firewood is oak. The guys seemed like good guys, conscientious. Their prices were cheaper than their competitors’, and they didn’t charge a delivery fee.

On the debit side, the oak is drenched from February rains. Plus, it’s not seasoned as well as it could be. They just split it yesterday and it looks like it could use another few months before being prime firewood. Dry seasoning green wood tips here.

I spent almost an hour getting the fire started yesterday, and burned almost every box in the house. It was better today because we still had hot coals from last night, but this wood hisses rather than crackles as it heats up. We have stacked it over our central heating vents to dry out. Don’t try this at home : ).

As with other frustrating work around this house, like cleaning ashes off everything and shoveling snow, it becomes a metaphor for the spiritual life. “I have come to light a fire on earth; how I wish it were already ablaze.” Struggling with damp new wood makes me think of parenting, and my own resistant tendencies, and so many other things.