Monday, February 02, 2009

not too bad for a convert

I got 18 out of 20 right on this So You Call Yourself a Catholic.

(HT: Infused Knowledge)

Some call it the pop quiz from hell. You are about to find out if you know as much about your faith as you claim to know. Take it from me: Your ego will suffer. But don’t fall into despair. Most Catholics (including some priests) will answer a majority of these questions incorrectly.

...To save you acute embarrassment this quiz will not be turned in. It is for your enlightenment—and amusement—only. In fact, I suggest you take the quiz in private so no one else will know the truth about the state of your Catholic knowledge. If you do well, you can brag later.

1 comment:

Rachel Gray said...

Wow! I think I got about 16/20, and I know some other fanatical Catholics who also got only 16 or 17.