Monday, February 23, 2009

Reading for Lent

  • Counsels of Perfection for Christian Mothers. This will be a reread. It's in the tradition of St Francis de Sales and his counsels for people out in the world, a sort of old-fashioned Mother's Rule written by a wise priest. Last time I read it was quickly just to get the sense of the book. This time I want to try to think about and apply the counsels more carefully.
  • Praying with Icons. I'm two-thirds through this one. It helps me remember that devotions are not just spirit but involve the body as well. Icons are my favorite kind of religious art. I think the author puts into words why this is so and I'll try to write it out here sometimes.
  • Splendor in the Ordinary: Your Home as a Holy Place. I'm going to be reading and discussing it with the Unschooling Catholics egroup.

Two more I'm reading for discussion groups not specifically related to Lent:

and also

  • Re-Enchantment -- I read this when I'm exercising on the stationary bike.

I have a comb-bound book with various articles and excerpts from CM's books on habits, and I'm going to continue working through that.

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Stephanie said...

Splendor in the Ordinary is one of my all time favorite books -- I recommend it to people often!