Tuesday, February 24, 2009

remnants of older days

Kevin just drove off to his uncle’s funeral.

It was a scramble finding all the components of his suit, which he rarely wears. Hunting through all our storage for his belt, for instance, made me realize I have some work to do around here. Lent is a good time to work on the “hidden places” — closets, drawers, places where things get stuffed. I’ve very slowly been improving in this. Today’s scurrying, though, showed me I have some way to go still.

Clare, hunting yesterday for something else, found our old box of pictures. Looking through them yesterday in odd corners of the day wrapped it up in a nostalgic narrative “I remember this…! I can hardly believe we were ever….!” She put up a collage of Kevin and Aidan from almost ten years ago.

Kevin was showing the kids a video of old family movies from way back when he was a baby — the days of 3 minute reels. His brother converted them to video form a few years ago so they were more accessible. There was a shot of his uncle, the one who just passed on, looking hearty, in the prime of his life.

A jumble of thoughts and memories — maybe sorting through closets and putting order to old things is a way of showing respect to these material tokens of elements of our life and history.