Friday, March 13, 2009

Math Resource Links, and Week in Review

I had been intending to mention Math Their Way, which a friend gave to me a long time ago, and the fact that you can find the newsletter online in PDF form, along with blackline masters, and it's very interesting.

I just read this post about Math Their Way at Dean's Academy and that reminded me! It's a very good post with photos. I think I will try the idea with the cup and counters with Aidan. That is the sort of thing that's really helpful for him to visualize abstract concepts.

Katie at CM, Children and Lots of Grace wrote a post "Scheduling and Ritual as Habit" following up on my post about Montessori Immersion in Time and Space. There is lots to think about with this.

I don't feel much like writing a whole Week in Review this week, but you can find the short version at Schola et Studium. Here are those links:

Day 101
Day 102
Day 103
Day 104
Day 105 and Week 25 in Review

Also, Some Early Learning for Week 25 (with photos) -- basically the applied version of some of the therapy ideas I got yesterday at the OT evaluation.

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