Friday, March 06, 2009

Week 24 in Review --

This is how Week 24 went for Kieron. You can click on the jpg to make it larger if you want, or view it in doc form (Microsoft 2007)

We're still working on getting up to full speed -- the ones that don't have checkmarks are things we didn't get to this week.

There are some posts detailing Week 24 over at Schola et Studium. With Paddy I pretty much kept up a light version of Ambleside Year 1. It has been working very well for us so far. With Aidan, the big thing this week was that I wrote out the first 30 words from Spell to Read and Write. He loves arranging these and trying to read them and has done it several times a day during the week. We also worked a bit on math with both the little ones.

This weekend, I want to focus on what narration is about particularly for older children, so I printed out these documents:

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