Thursday, April 16, 2009

Joy, Hope, Sorrow, Fear

The Circe Institute announced that Marcus and Laura Berquist have been named the winners of the 2009 Russell Kirk Paideia Prize for Lifetime Contribution to Classical Education. (HT: Quiddity)

I was just reading an article on "Joy in Homeschooling" by Laura Berquist in The Latin Mass magazine. I like the distinctions she made in this passage.... very helpful to me:

"...Joy is a passion we experience with respect to a good we actually possess. Hope, on the other hand, is the passion we experience with respect to a difficult good we wish to possess, but do not yet have. Hope is what we feel when the children are young and we are working toward the goals we want to achieve for and with them. Sorrow is the passion felt regarding an evil actually existing, while fear is the passion we experience regarding an evil not yet experienced."

If you pull out these emotions you have a pretty fair range of what I can experience as a homeschooling mom within, say, five minutes. Or maybe less.

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Faith said...

That is so true. I think mothering in general often has all 4 of those emotions going on at the same time!