Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sad News -- Thomas Dillon of TAC

Dr. Thomas Dillon, the president of Thomas Aquinas College, was killed in a car accident this morning. Please pray for him and his family and the college community. He will be sadly missed! Please pray for his soul and for his family.
Here, and more here and here.

Liam does not know yet .... we just came back from dropping him off at Amtrak, to hear this news; he's on the train right now. He was supposed to give his thesis defense tomorrow but I heard that classes would be suspended so perhaps that will be postponed.


Chari said...

Oh, my heart is breaking.....of course I never met him.....but he was president of MY dream school :)

I am so sad my own kids will never have his direct influence.

I am so shocked.

I am so sorry for the students today........they must be oh, so shocked.

Willa said...

We were so shocked too. Kevin and I are still shocked and so, so sad. We never met him either but everything we knew about him was good.

I felt the same way about Clare as you described about your kids.

Chari said...

Have you had a chance to talk to Liam tonight?

I keep thinking about his poor family.....

Chari said...

um, not Liam's...but Mr. Dillon's

I had thought about Clare, too....and I was sad for her, too. She is kind of "one of my kids" :)