Thursday, June 04, 2009

Catholic Media Awards

Just one more post in which I shall mention that this blog has been nominated for a Catholic Media Award in the category of Best Written Blog. I will not and in my opinion OUGHT not win when pitted against the likes of Jen of Conversion Diary, Elizabeth of In the Heart of My Home, and my own daughter (just to name a few!) but it still makes me feel really good.

Thank you most heartily, whoever nominated me.

I would like to point out that Anne of Under Her Starry Mantle was nominated for Best Blog by a Woman (my daughter's blog has been nominated in that category too) -- it was Anne's blog that gave me the tip-off about my own nomination. Thank you, Anne!

Being nominated gives me the right to post a cool graphic:

and gives me a warm happy feeling as I post what I really intend to be the last post on here! (If you happen to be curious and want to check out my new blog, it is here: Quotidian)

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Laughing Stars said...

Congratulations to you and Claire!