Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Disorder affects every area of your life

.... Your finances, your social life, EVERYTHING is affected by disorder. People like us.... with our flexible natures, are also easily persuaded. We need to learn to stand strong when our character is being judged. We must never allow anyone to stifle our love for our life. We have a right to be, whether we're messy or not. .... we can dare to dream. The wonderful thing about being organized FIRST is that you HAVE MORE TIME TO DO THE THINGS YOU LOVE.

Sidetracked Home Executive

I'm quoting this though I've heard things like it because it really struck home this time around and I want to remember it. I was trying to figure out why my momentum would fade after a short time and I'd go back to the "old ways". Well, I realize that my GOAL is to be able to get past the basics, to make them autopilot, so that I could have a margin to do the extras. Just a few of them, even if it's just getting a chance to stare at the wall for a few minutes.

Gotta go, whiny toddler, will probably edit later for clarity.

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