Monday, November 28, 2005


This blog is getting to be about the duties of my state in life. Which is sort of boring to anyone else who might read it. So perhaps I'll try to figure out another way to go about this.

  • Clare has started her own private blog and is almost finished with her 50,000 word novel draft.
  • Sean has been making football helmets in Word using an outline template --really quite clever and creative.
  • Brendan saves the sports page of every Sunday newspaper as a sort of ongoing chronicle.
  • Kieron has finished reading "The Enchanted Castle." -- took over from me.
  • When I accidentally flambeed the stir fry chicken yesterday, Aidan shouted, "The flame! The flame!"
  • Paddy sang the Notre Dame fight song for his relatives -- loudly and with expression -- on Thanksgiving.
  • Liam has gone back to college by Amtrak and was safely arrived. His siblings miss him much.
  • I have read about half of Wives and Daughters.
  • Kevin has two new game prototypes. We have high hopes that he'll "cash out" and we'll have an income beyond 500$ a month (LOL)

  • Started up the online retreat again, journalling in my private spiritual blog.
  • Do laundry and declutter, organize laundry room.
  • Supervise daily and weekly jobs.
  • Straighten up and put things back in place. While straightening, do some decluttering, throwing away and planning deep cleaning for Thursday. Also, I could make a list of repairs and things to buy to improve the house.
  • Start Bible reading with kids in some way. At least, can start reading to Brendan.


  • Check email to make sure MR wrote back, otherwise, call
  • Prep for trip tomorrow, shopping list, plan P's birthday presents
  • Call BC
  • Start shopping online for Christmas.
  • Keep a food journal.
  • Next week, start new job list.
  • Clare's question.

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