Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The kids are watching a Land Before Time video. We visited the library. Aidan's habit is now to chat with the librarian C. every time we go there. He limps up to her desk. "Hello! How you doing? This weekend we are going to..." and then he tells her what we did the previous weekend. Then when I come up to rescue him, he says, "Mom, say 'you're so cute!'" Well, he is....

I am reading two books right now, "Real Lives" by Grace Llewellyn and "The Day I Became an Autodidact" by Kendall Hailey. The second one is truly well written for a 15yo. I wasn't surprised to see she is the daughter of two playwrights. She sounds like one. It sounds a bit like Anne Frank and I would not be surprised to find she had that influence. Not really an unschooling book except indirectly.

Neither of them do I think I could give B. to read. Unfortunately. But maybe I could make a list of ideas that I could use. One of the teens in Real Lives would sit with her mom and make a goal sheet for the various academic subjects by quarter. Things like that.

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