Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Aidan's Therapy Log

Today J. was only able to stay for a short time. She mostly worked on handwriting with Aidan. I think the general objective is fine motor control. To me it is not quite so much of an issue as it is to her. He is not retaining very much about coloring within the lines and being able to trace letter forms. I think I ought to give it a fairer try, though, so this week I'm going to try to work hard on getting him involved in recognizing letter shapes and being able to trace them without direct guidance, ie someone else holding his hand for him! Perhaps flashcards and matching games might be useful. Also, I want to get the whiteboard out of the garage so he can practice drawing on it. He and Paddy might have fun.

-- Make matching flashcards (look up on web?)
-- Look for a computer game?
--Get whiteboard and pens out
--Have him practice writing on chalkboard OR I write and he blots it out with his finger.
--Shaving cream writing?? Writing in rice?
--Try to teach him to write words, like his name? Would that motivate him?
--Stencils? If I outlined the shapes with glue and let it dry before he colored, would that give him a sense of the boundaries??

Work with him at mealtimes -- and before bedtime.

I'll update this again when the SLP has come. She usually works on vocabulary.

L, the SLP, is a little more structured than J. She brings a large clock timer, silent and visual so it doesn't distract the child. She worked with him on the Discovery Bugs, then matching magnet pictures by category (this is way too abstract for him right now, but the pictures were neat), then had him name picture cards. He gets a break in the middle. He kept saying, "It's time for you to go now," -- he didn't mean it personally and she didn't take it that way, but I think it's hard for him to focus and he was getting tired.

I liked the magnetic board. That has some potential.

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