Saturday, November 19, 2005


Today is Outside Day. I took Clare to her violin lesson at 9:30, then spent some time breaking branches into kindling and stacking it. I tidied up the car and the yard a bit. Then I picked her up. Then I did some more work outside, swept the garage and the driveway, including BBQing the hot dogs. We are having a spectacular fall. Bright, sunny, fairly cool. I don't think I'm appreciating it the way I ought to. I keep preparing for the first snows and then realizing they aren't going to come, then preparing some more.

Paddy said, "I need a bundle for my hot dog. My hot dog needs a bundle." He said it several times. Finally I figured out he meant "bun". Cute!

The lads are watching football. I have to admit I get a bit irritated outside working at "guy stuff" while there are several males over 100 pounds inside exercising their finger muscles on the remote control and keyboard. It's not pretty, I know. It ruins my real feeling of well-being working in the crisp outside air. But there it is.. I have a long way to go.

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