Friday, November 18, 2005


I knew it would happen. I wrote about it here.
In some ways, things are going pretty well.
But whenever that happens, I start getting discouraged as I see how far there is still to go.
There seems to be a short-circuit somewhere in my system. So far and no farther.

Now what accounts for this? I know that for introverted people, particularly melancholics, outside actions don't satisfy the way they do for extroverts. So maybe that's part of it. The mind/body connection is particularly involved. I have a cold right now so maybe that accounts for a good part of it.

I'm not trying to whine! I want to process this to come up with some strategies for coping when things look like this. Some more coping skills here

Some articles on managing introversion
The Four Temperaments

Also perfectionism is a problem for me in a closet form. I've passed it on to a couple of my children. Perfectionism is somewhat related to giftedness and can result in procrastination and discouragement. Overcoming Procrastination tips here, and the benefits of Structured Procrastination here.

The essence of coping with perfectionism is not to drop the high standards, but to figure out realistic ways of getting there and/or dealing with not getting there.

Anyway, yesterday after my crisis I went to work doing the chores in my routine and even a bit extra. I went to sleep early. I spent time playing with the little ones. It worked! So I guess the basic trick is not to give up and not let the feelings become an excuse for giving up -- BUT also, pay attention to self-care.

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