Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Today is "therapist day". Aidan gets visits from his occupational therapist and his speech and language professional. So this day has evolved into an errand-running one. We go the library and also to Ken's Market (local grocery store) where the kids get to choose a snack if they have been good. We often have some church activity Wednesday evenings as well. These days, Clare has choir.

Aidan's OT is late -- I'd REALLY like to take a bath since Patrick is asleep, but since I have to keep my eye on the driveway, I thought I'd update my blog. Did she say she wasn't coming today? I can never remember.

What we are doing:
Sean and Brendan are playing their football game with their Bionicles.
Clare and Aidan are playing some singing game.
Kieron is making comments.
Patrick is asleep.
I am on here. I've been spending too much time on the computer. Been part of several absorbing email conversations. I need to pull back though. The house is in better order SO of course, I'm being irresponsible in other ways : )

Wednesday is Office Day and also Errand Day and Therapy Day, as you see. I catch up on my emails and theoretically on my phone calls. I have trouble with procrastination on the phone calls.

I had it written down that Wednesday should be Planning Day as well. That's how Large Family Logistics has it. But Flylady has TWO paper-pushing days and I really need two. There's always a lot of different things to do and I don't get that much time to focus in one day. So I think I'll have Friday be Homeschool Plan Day as well as Deep Cleaning Day.

To break up the paperwork and to make the house ready for the therapists, I also vacuum using the hose to get the corners and do a quick mop in the morning. I am also putting restocking the firewood bin on this day, though it's perfectly possible to have a child do it instead of doing it myself.

I print out the list of books we've checked out from the internet library, and use that to track down books and due dates and also to start keeping a record of what we've checked out.

I may start a little chart of everyone's math so I can doublecheck to make sure it's up to date before going to the market. I think I'm going to have the younger ones do double math on Wednesdays since their regular math is so easy. Is that too much of an artificial incentive??

Got to go, the OT's here!

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