Saturday, December 10, 2005

A new 3 year old in the universe

Paddy recently came running up to me and said, "Mama, I am SO HAPPY you are my mama!"

Tonight after we read "Are you my Mother?" he said to me, "You are not a cat or a dog or a big Snort, you are my mama!"

When he was playing with his 18 month old cousin this afternoon, he started by passing the nerf football right at D's midsection. D stood there smiling and the football bounced off his middle.

Paddy threw it again and this time it grazed the toddler's head. D continued to smile with great satisfaction but was obviously not going to raise his hands to catch the ball.

So next time, Paddy carefully skidded the ball towards him on the ground, and next time he went to within a foot of him and carefully threw/handed it to his younger relative.

Now this is the same child I used to seriously consider dunking head first in the holy water when we went to Mass, because he seemed to be possessed of.... something. I didn't think the holy water immersion would hurt, at any rate!

He's our 7th and yet brand new. There's never been anyone like him in our family. As with every 3 year old, God planned him from the beginning of time, knit him in the womb and ensouled him. God always knew, when He made ME, that someday I'd have a little son tell me, "I am so happy you are my mama." These gifts are the kind that you gather like pearls and hold for eternity. My God, do not forsake me or my Paddy, though I do not deserve Your gifts. Let us all be reunited in heaven.

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