Sunday, July 16, 2006

Return from the North

I haven’t been journalling much on here. Life has been so busy the past week or so, with a 14 hour round trip journey last week. I could go on and on just about all the events of that trip, but of course there’s not time. Then there were a couple of days of recovering. Today we are unpacked, laundry caught up, and I’m rested enough perhaps to stay up and write for a few minutes, though I just spend about half an hour longer than I meant to updating Aidan’s medical page and visiting other blogs.

This morning I got a call from a good friend who has recently moved and we had a looong conversation about all sorts of things. I guess we are both philosophical types because we spent the whole time discussing literature and ethical principles and how to live rightly and never even talked about the details of her move and settling in until the last 3 minutes. I know, it is hard to believe. I love that kind of conversation though. While talking I managed to make waffles for breakfast and go out on the porch to keep an eye on Aidan who has been spending the bulk of his waking hours loading the back of our Suburban. He just impresses me so much when he can work so long and hard for his goals which are, I suppose, to facilitate another 7 hour car trip in 100 degree plus heat with a barely functional air conditioner. He loved our adventure.

Sunday used to be the day when Liam called from college and now it is the day when Liam takes a break from programming for his dad — this means he makes himself a late breakfast and then:

1) We played classical guitar duets and then I started him on the next lesson in the book which is Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing, the one my dad taught me from and learned from himself. (I have a much older edition than the one I linked to).

2) He helped me with my Latin. We consulted and decided that he would tell me a story in Latin, I would transcribe it as he told it to me, and then I would try to translate it. So basically, good for both of us since he is composing in Latin and I’m having to listen and getting that multi-level reinforcement of listening, writing and reading it back.

3) We had our next story club meeting. Liam suggested we call it Society of the Moth since three of us have a moth in the story and Clare has agreed to let a moth have a Hitchcockian cameo appearance in her story. Liam read his story, then I read Kieron’s, then Clare read her new story, then I read some of Brendan’s old one. I didn’t have enough new in my story to contribute. Sean sat in too and Liam made the hot cocoa and tea. This is starting to be a Tradition.
4) About the movie: Clare and Liam decided to postpone the full-blown movie until next summer. Clare was getting bogged down in the scriptwriting and all the logistical details to work out like costumes, sets, memorizing parts etc. So instead she has written a short comedy script about a burglar. They are planning to use this as a way to have fun, practice with procedural details and gain some experience.

5) Brendan and Sean played with Bionicles most of the afternoon.

Have you ever noticed that an event like a journey or some variety in daily life can bring about a burst of creativity? Such seems to be the case here. The kids really enjoyed the trip (and Brendan enjoyed a quiet house with only his dad) and also are very glad to be home (and I think B’s a BIT glad we’re home, too)
I have been making some tentative plans and brainstorming ideas for the future, but it’s all sort of swirling around still in my mind. One of the projects highest on my list is to arrange all the books. A daunting task. We have shelves in little niches all over the house. How can I turn this into category and order? But I will start with the picture books which are currently in plastic boxes where no one can get to them. Bringing them out will no doubt be a strewing event too. And it will be ongoing, because there is no way this project will not take weeks and weeks.
Just one bookshelf — and there are dozens of them in the house — well, at least more than one dozen!

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