Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More Thinking...

Thank you all for the Thinking Blogger meme tags! I count four of them! I am very grateful.

All the people who tagged me have posts that I have wanted to link to for a while, anyway, so this is a good opportunity.


Mother Auma ( here, streaming her consciousness on Books, and this is just one of her posts that have made me think and resolve to try a little harder)
Faith at Dumb Ox Academy (her plans! and her journalling about her days)
Bookworm (I am saving her post on Art and Music resources to use for my planning next year )
Ladybug Mommy (check out her post on a Recipe for Classical Learning)

Very blessed to know all you perceptive writers and thinkers, and I know there are many more. Here is my original post trying to continue the meme, but it was SOOO hard. There were so many more than five out there.

It was fun gathering all these keeper posts; I'm thinking of making it a regular habit.....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Willa, you are the quintessential thinking blogger!

Love, Alice Gunther