Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring Forward to Fitness

Some of my Real Learning friends have started a fitness blog:

Lean but not Mean

The Bookworm recently wrote a post: Mean, but not Lean~!
(Ah, another chiasmus!)

She writes:

I'm trying out exercise videos and DVDs that I can fit into my normal day. My main criteria for choosing is cost. Given that I have no idea what sort of exercise routine I would like, having not done this before, I'm trying to pick up a selection of cheap used or discounted tapes and DVDs to try out. Hence the "mean, but not lean" title of this post (the "not lean" part speaks for itself!).
I think this is a good idea.

My daughter wrote about exercising

"A man ought to take exercise not because he is too fat, but because he loves foils or horses or high mountains, and loves them for their own sake."

Wise advice from G.K. Chesterton! Why must people always go on special exercise plans? Why all the stress and concern about not having worked out enough that day? Why the sighs because one is bored with what they're doing, or because one simply doesn't want to work out one day?

Why not simply do something you love, and let the results come as a side effect?
SO -- so far

  1. Fit exercise into your normal day.
  2. Do something active that you love to do, and let fitness come as a side effect.

Any more tips? I think that while "in the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love" -- for over-40 moms like me, spring brings thoughts of trying to get a bit more fitness into one's life. ... or to get oneself to fit into one's clothes from last spring. Hmm, can't seem to manage a chiasmus of my own yet. Maybe I need to stretch a bit more.

Oh, one more thing!

some studies have shown that several short (10 minute) workouts per day provide many of the benefits of one longer (30 minute) workout. So for those who don't "have time" or like me get bored or lose focus during long workouts, some of these ideas may be helpful.


Anonymous said...

I think you are on the right track. Think about synergies, too -- more nature study = more walking. Also, knead bread by hand (gives you a great upper body workout, not to mention stress relief). Apparently vacuuming, if done vigourously is a pretty good workout (even if that is an odd thing for me to recommend).

I have been doing a routine that I found in an O magazine a couple of years ago. It takes about 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week and you do paired exercises each day (so hamstrings and quadriceps one day, biceps and triceps one day, etc) that hits most major muscle groups in a week. It is pretty easy and fun. Tigger and I have been doing it together which is also good for motivation.

Cindy said...

I agree about trying to make all of life more active, and I do like that quote you have up. :)

I find however, that in my suburban lifestyle, I don't get out and up as often as I like. The weather here is also not as condusive as it was in say, San Fransico to getting out and enjoying it. So, I find some planned exercise helps me a lot.

It helps me get a nice thourough, sweaty workout.. and I feel clean and refreshed all the way through! Nothing like that hot shower at the end, too.

Also lately, I have taken to going to the women's fitness room at the Ymca (very nice... no men!) and doing the treadmill and then finding a spot in the corner to work with the exercise balls, weights, etc, while wearing my Ipod and listening to Dr. Peter Kreeft lecture about CS Lewis. Ah.. a slice of heaven! lol

But, I do need to try and find more activities to step up my daily life... I need to get outside more!

Willa said...

Thanks for the comments.

I like the idea of "synergy" -- that is a nicer concept than multitasking -- more organic. JoVE, I remember you writing about your daughter baking bread and doing other things that could be called "chores" but in the context of daily life they were meaningful, not just "to do's."

Willa said...

Cindy, I so miss SF. The climate there was perfect for exercise outdoors. It's not too bad here, and it's getting easier to get outside now that the little ones are older, and healthier. But it still takes an effort. Probably partly just getting into the habit.