Friday, May 04, 2007

Book Odds and Ends

Maureen Wittman is offering a special on her book The Catholic Homeschool Companion. Details here on her blog.

I'm offering The Catholic Homeschool Companion for $5 off, plus, for every book sold between now and May 31st, I'll donate another $5 to 4-H. Click HERE to order (Paypal and credit cards).

Also, a member of my Catholic Classical Education yahoo group mentioned this blog Literary Compass. "Reading the Great Books from a Catholic Point of View"

If you go to the sidebar heading "Popular", you can download a free e-book called ROMAN Reading: 5 Practical Skills to Transform Your Life through Reading Literature.

It basically follows many of Mortimer Adler's suggestions in the classic How to Read a Book, but it is shorter and easier to read (74 pages). I am thinking it might be a good read for a middle school or starting high school student, or a good starter book or review for a parent who wants a quick overview of the essentials of how to read good literature. (HT: Claire H).

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