Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Giotto and Architecture

This picture is of some of the library books I requested recently. I wanted a visual record of them for next year.

Martha recommended Giotto and Medieval Art: The Lives and Works of the Medieval Artists. As she said, it really is a unit study/history exploration in itself. I am thinking it might work well to start off our year next year since we are going to begin with the age of exploration and discovery.

I also looked at Mario's Angels: A Story about the Artist Giotto. This is a cute book suitable for a younger child -- I thought I might read it to Paddy so he could follow along with the older kids a bit.

A Boy Named Giotto
-- for a slightly older child, but still a picture book format. Beautiful illustrations.

The Art of Construction was recommended by Love2Learn Mom. It has information and ideas for construction-oriented projects.

Shakespeare: His Work and His World -- I didn't really read all through it, but the illustrations were really nice, and I wanted to use it as a visual reminder for a few other Shakespeare books on my list... which I will add later on.

The older-looking one in the middle was a library hardcover version of Ruskin's Poetry of Architecture and Giotto and His Works in Padua. This one is for older readers, obviously -- I was interested in reading it for context myself. Gutenberg has the works online here and here.

My very vague at this time thought is to springboard from Giotto and architecture to the Renaissance and exploration, and from there into US history. But this is just a seedling of a plan right now.

Two Giotto Galleries:

The Art of Giotto
Olga's Gallery

Also, there is a section about Giotto's significance in How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization.

And a section about him in Knights of Art.

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