Saturday, May 19, 2007

Heart of Home

For the past couple of weeks all I've wanted to do is write about housekeeping stuff. This blog is not really about that, at least in my mind. So I've just been keeping quiet.

Since the house and habit stuff isn't going away, and it's probably something I OUGHT to be thinking about, I have been trying to decide whether to change the scope of this blog, or to bring my old Heart of Home blog back into action (it has been neglected recently!). That blog is actually older than this one -- it was my first venture into blogging, and I didn't tell anyone about it at all. When I started this one, for the purpose of dealing with educational questions and thoughts, Heart of Home became mostly a place to park housekeeping plans and links. But now that I need a place to work through some of those things through my typing fingers, I have been returning there.

My other alternative would be to blog about the housekeeping topics on Spacious Place. And that is something I considered for quite a while. But it doesn't seem to fit, somehow.

The bottom line: I've decided that I'll keep the bulk of the household details over there. So if you're interested in large family logistics from the heart of the Sierra highlands (and who wouldn't be? :D) you are welcome to come over there and visit. There you will find things about chore lists, thrift store finds, Smart Habit Saturday, fitness, summer goals, and Getting Things Done. Things that would feel to me like clutter on this blog, but fit nicely over there.

I'm not stopping this Spacious Place blog by any means. It is my place to think about learning and freedom and responsibility and all those nouns that you don't have to spray-clean or reorganize, except mentally. And I still keep my Every Waking Hour place at homeschooljournal to for our life and learning log. Onwards and upwards in my never-ending quest to flood the internet with my typings ! :D