Saturday, May 19, 2007

Seeing the View

I was thinking about my Habit of the week, which is a two for one: making the bed daily and swishing the toilet.

Before Mass this morning, it suddenly occurred to me that habits have goals implicit in them. I linked the bed-making and toilet in my mind because they are both central to the goal I have in mind concerning my master bedroom -- cleanliness and orderliness.

Stephen Covey says: Begin with the end in mind.

In fact, when I thought it over, I realized that if I allow myself, I have a vision of what I want my room to be like. It's not so much a mental image of an immaculate Bedroom Beautiful, as it is a sort of combination of light, air and feeling.

Warm golden wood glows
High light walls arc towards sun
Respite and centre.

There you go. That is the closest I can get to my vision right now.

I'm writing it down to remind myself.

Not only of that particular image, but also of the truth that my habits become fruitless if they are not centred in a principle, and the principles all have to do with relationships, and a Relationship.

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